Friday, January 16, 2009

my experiments 5

these are two views of new palace, kolhapur.It is an art painting decorative builgings.I love david taylors work from australia,for he paints such buildings with minimum brush stokes and details.

My attept also is to leave the complicated details out and show the forms of the structure,.

Lately i have deliberately stopped using pencil altogether,again an experiment to challenge myself.It becomes very difficult to paint complicated buildings without linework, but the loose ness which i achieve is what i enjoy.For practice, sketches are must and I do them all the time with pen,sometimes with pencil too.but they remain sketches only.Inmy paintings you will not find any pencil lines ...

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Anonymous said...

You achieved a nice looseness with the paint and yet there is plenty of detail. It was a good experiment to let go of the pencil. Nice work.