Sunday, February 8, 2009

tree as a focal point.

I have painted whole lot of things in this painting, but feel that a tree bark in foreground is what catched my eye everytime.When big artists talk of focal point in a painting, probably they mean this only.And also focal paoint need not be in the centre .


Ajay Patil said...

cThe focal point need not be in center. You are correct rather composition rules such as rule of thirds, golden intresections would say that it should never be at center unless there is some symmetry such as reflection or architecture which is symmetrical. But then artists are not bound by any rules :).
I like the tree trunk and shadows in this painting

Art with Liz said...

I think your tree and the shadow frame the painting beautifully Sanjeev. Rather than a focal point, for me it leads and gives distance to the building. That's the way I saw it, anyway!

sanjeev joshi said...

Thanks ajay and liz.I totally agree with both of you.An object close to you always gives a sense of relative depth.But some times it is better to avoid if infinite scale is to be shown.As liz says these objects lead you into the picture.and also bring you back and out of frame!