Wednesday, February 18, 2009

effect of water !

After almost finishing my painting, it slipped out of my hands and fell on dusty ground.All the muck and loose earth got stuck to the painting.I just put my painting under running water tap and washed off the muck.But it gave me a totally different painting after drying.I tried this again deliberately just to see the effect of water on painting. Basically any excessive colour which is not absorbed in paper gets washed off and a very uniform colour is achieved.In east bengal this is supposed to be a mastered technic,which i came to know later!They dry it after washing, apply new layers and repeat this process many times!! i have never tried it as i use only 180 gsm paper mostly...You all can try it and share your experiences.


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

My first thought, when I saw this painting, was that this is a very emotional rendering. Then I read your post, oh well! So much for instinct, but I do love it.

sanjeev joshi said...

hi carol, i did wash my painting with lot of emotion!!....thanks

TSL said...