Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sketches with a group ..pune urban sketchers.

In pune,india, we have started a group of enthusiastic urban sketchers.They are a mix of artists,laypeople, and many architects and designers..These sketches are done with the group today.I have started sketching more and more people along with my comfort zone of drawing buildings.I believe that observation of fellow sketchers helps a thank you all sketchers..The venue is Rukhmini pandurang mandir, karve nagar pune, india.


Amit Wadkar said...

How can i join you guys? Can You let me know when you have the next pune urban sketchers sketchwalk?


I am from mumbai.Do you know any such grouplike urban sketchers in mumbai I would like to join it.
My email id is

Hiral said...

Sanjivji, very good concept. Read about you in TOI. Please give details of next workshop venue n timing to join the group. Thanks..

Sanket Shukta said...

Nice sketch.Thanks for sharing.If anyone want to join sketching classes in Nagpur,then XFactor Nagpur is the best option for you.For more details,contact XFactor Nagpur.

Advaitaa Homes said...

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Sunil Kumar Prasad said...

Simply killer artwork and continue your beautiful artwork.

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SRUN POR said...

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