Monday, June 29, 2009

sunday outing.

I was reluctant to go out on sunday, as it was cloudy and about to rain.Yet i went out to a nearby gokhale institute.The toilet sketch is done because that was the only thing i could paint while sitting under covered

verandah,when it rained.The other sketch is of a porch of the institute.


Ajay Patil said...

If you had not mentioned its toilet block, it is good painting to hang in living room

Atul said...

Are your painting schedules like a riaz of a singer or its a spontaneous outburst of creation? Do you get restless if you don't sketch or paint for a few days?

sanjeev joshi said...

good question atul! i am sketching something or the other due to my work,but for art sketching or painting i am a sunday painter.Every sunday morning it is a ritual for me to paint.I do feel restless if i miss my sunday outing.My trips outside pune give me more time to paint,which i enjoy.It is not a spontaneous outburst for me,but on location yes certain subject can trigger that creative outburst .But going outdoors is not spontaneous ,it is well planned!Every thing i sketch or paint is a riaz for me, as i have yet to start performing!!thanks for your visit to blog on regular basis.

Unknown said...

glad to find this blog Joshi! excellent sketches, a smart vission of architecture