Monday, March 2, 2009


i was away to a place called revdanda a seaside village.The coastal village has typical houses,dut some wealthy people do have better and different looking houses.All houses have verandahs as the weather is sultry and humid.This is a door seen through verandah,which protects it from sun and rain.i have used orange on walls and door beacause it was painted with these shades only, and looking radiant in morning sun rays.i have done 15 paintings which you will see in coming weeks.size of painting is 11x 15 inches.approx.


Anonymous said...

An interesting painting. Lots of angles to look at and nice color.
Looking forward to seeing your posts.

sanjeev joshi said...

Thank you jean,your comments mean a lot to me.I will be posting a variety of subjects.

TSL said...

I love seeing your world through your paintings!

Gallery Kuma said...

I have been to revdanda a lot in early 90's & loved the wadi's. My cousin was working for Vikram ispat then & I would stay with them at a rental property in one of supari wadis. beach was next to it clean & less frequented by people. I remember walking alone on the beach on a full moon light, memory of which still linger's. enjoyed company of friendly people, fanas trees & bhakri with fish curry prepared lovingly by property owners wife. Thank you for the post which brings me joy thinking about thoes days. lovely art work.

sanjeev joshi said...

Hi, all.Yes cuma,all that still exist but it is crowded in seasons and on weekends.The beach is superb and so it wadis.

Chaullee Chaulker said...

Amidst coconut n bettlenut plantations called ‘Wadis’, n along the sea coast where the Kundalika River meets the Arabian Sea, are the sleepy beautiful towns of Chaul-Revdanda-Korlai with perfect healing weather and historical significance dating back to Portuguese era. Rather, Bombay took over from Chaul, as a port city of Western India.

Alive with temples not lesser than 300 yet , quiet and unmessy to discover your spirituality.

This community is for those who have been or lived there, or, who wish to soon discover such a heaven on earth.

Link to 1400 photos: Chaul Revdanda

Its 120 kms drive from Mumbai , on Alibaug-Murud road, or, take a 2½ hours journey thro’ ferry and road from Gateway of India.

Stay in a typical Coconut Wadi. Ctc: Uday Lodge Cell 094225 94010 or Hotel Seastar

Link to Orkut Community for Chaaul Revdanda

Link to Chaul Revdanda Happenings round the year..