Tuesday, June 23, 2009

from archives

some old paintings,close to my heart!...I love monsoon rains,but it is delayed this time.i am trying to recreat the feeling through the paintings.


Anonymous said...

Sanjeev, I remember Monsoon rains when I lived for a while in Islamabad, and one entire summer I spent in Goa........warm rain and a lots of it!....but then it dries up so quickly.
I am such a fan of your work, and am trying to take a leaf out of your book and REALLY loosen up more.

AC said...

Those are very good!
They really bring into one's mind the idea of water and rain.

Anonymous said...

q lindo!!!

Shing said...

so good to see artful aspect of monsoon rain ^_^

Laura said...

Magníficas acuarelas!!
Es el estilo de pntura que a mi me gusta!.


Art with Liz said...

You have such a gift and these paintings look so ... wet! You can almost feel that warm rain on your skin. Great work Sanjeev.

sanjeev joshi said...

thank you all ac,casteloshing and laura! Liz, now i also believe like you that t 20 is really not a cricket! too much of a chance game.
maggie you are embarassing me,you are good as it is.