Sunday, January 25, 2009

trees 3

When we do plein air paintings,the choices of objects is limited to manmade structures, nature in form of water,mountains, jungles, and folliage,.In all these paintings Play of light is important.Light is what defines paintings and objects. As against this when we paint in studio or at home the choice is limited if one is not painting from photographs.The day to day objects like kitchenware, furniture, fruits become the objects of paintings.In doors lighting can be artificial along with day light.The work can be done unmindful of outside wheather conditions!It is hence a choice of individual to paint live or in studio.I personally enjoy outdoor paintings,except some heavy rainy days.This also gives me an oppertunity to travel and explore outdoors.Meeting various types of people and interacting with them is fun too.And when i go outdoor for painting,we are in a group of 3 or 4, which makes it feel like a trip or picnic.So here i am posting one more of my tree paintings.


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Nicely painted,Sanjeev!I can only guess painting outdoors must be an enjoying experience because I have never painted outdoors.Firstly,I dont have any artist friend or a group here in my town with whom I could join and plan painting sessions.Secondly,its a very commercial kind of place,rather a dull place for art.It doesn't have places of interest like parks or university campuses or old monumental buildings.There is also the fact that I'm from a business background and haven't received a formal training in arts and so I'm hesitant to go out and paint like a real artist.This shows in my painting style.I paint indoors and in detail because there is no time limit unlike painting outdoors where there is a time limitation which results in painting loosely and with speed.Anyway,I'm fortunate to have joined the blogger community and now have friends like you with whom I could interact, share and learn.

sanjeev joshi said...

Hi ramesh,
i think without a formal training you are doing extremely fine.Actually after doing outdoors for many years artists finally start doing indoor paintings,which you have been doing directly.The reason for this is that the finer colour shades in shadows etc are not printed in photographs.For imaginative tonal values of colours in shadows one needs to have experience of actual painting on site.The blackened portions in photos is a challenge to interprete,this is where outdoor experience comes handy. you can observe the actual spot and photograph taken of the same spot.
This will help you in identifying low,middle and higher tones in painting.Its easier said than done !! I am also not formally trained art student, but i am lucky to have art galleries and artists to talk to .you are right,blog is where we can share our thoughts as we are doing now!

TSL said...

Hi, Sanjeev, hope all is well with you. I am so happy you are enjoying doing trees, it is a nice change for you from structure, nature in lieu of buildings,specifically.Your friend from the States, Tina.