Sunday, January 11, 2009

sea scape

This is an year old painting done on a beach called murud karde.I am not used to seascapes and will need to do 100 before i get the picture right.I appreciate all the seascape painters more so after this attempt of mine.the water, waves, surf, and reflections... too difficult!


Anonymous said...

Not so that you need to paint 100 seascapes…not in my book!
This is charming and full of life.
Many years ago I was in Goa for a holiday and the ocean and beach there were wonderful.
India is such an interesting, large and diverse country. I am so glad I can revisit her through your paintings.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

I think its a beautiful seascape.The colours and composition both are very good.On your comment about details,I wish to say that it sometimes becomes a drawback.I would rather like to paint loosely and be able to show objects with minimum brushstrokes.I'm trying on it!

Art with Liz said...

You're right Sanjeev, seascapes are darned difficult, especially in watercolour, but this is lovely. There is a stillness about the place that is almost ethereal. I agree with Ramesh, sometimes, especially with waterscenes, there is a need to loosen up rather than concentrate on detail.

Ajay Patil said...

Was expecting some kolhapur paintings this week :)
For sea scape IMHO you can be much better

sanjeev joshi said...

Hi all, your comments are encouraging.Yes goa is beautiful and has become crowded.konkan stretch is still virgin, but facilities are not good .i think itis virgin because of this only. i enjoy konkan as it is affordable and beautiful.I will post few more seascapes in future!!

Gallery Kuma said...

nice painting & composition. i have been to murud janjira long time ago & really liked the place, dont know if it has changed now from 15 years ago. not to mention i liked the balance & details of the first painting of your last post.