Wednesday, August 12, 2009

riverside temple 2

some more from last sunday sketching.


Ardoise & Bitume said...

Beautiful sketches, your style is very personal and the result is so splendid!

(Sorry for my English, I don't speak it very well... I use only simple words!)

Anonymous said...

Sanjeev, really lovely sketches. I'm sure you have been asked this many times...but what type of ink pen and ink do you use for your sketches like this? Also wanted to let you know that I have been posting lots of little gouache paintings on my gouache blog.....there is a link to it on my regular you ever use gouache or just watercolour?

lolly-jolly said...

love these! so inspiring. i feel i want to sketch more after visiting your blog

lupus said...

Very cool, sketches, Sanjeev...I like them, congratulations.