Monday, May 4, 2009

one more painting of tower!!

I have done painting of this tower many times ,this is one more attempt!! A bit more colourful for my current colour scheme of limited colours..any way thought of sharing it with you all.


Cathy said...

Yes it's more colourful, it makes it all the merrier! I also like the subtlety of the blues and grays of the first painting

Gallery Kuma said...

I like the second sketch, the first one gives me a feeling of haunted "bhooth bangla", but both are good, do you practice as an architect? if yes would love to see picture of some of your projects too. i am always interested in seeing trends in india regards architecture & interiors.

TSL said...

Checking back in and seeing continued great work as always! Hope you are well!

Gallery Kuma said...

i work for high end residential re-modeling architecture & construction company. feel free to browse my firms website for some of our projects]
unfortunately i am not on face book between e-mails, blogs, orkuts, linkedins,etc & many other sites one can be stuck to computers whole day. do you do mostly residential or commercial?

Anonymous said...

As always, your watercolors have great mood and color and are artfully executed.

Unknown said...

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