Sunday, April 5, 2009

two houses at revdanda

Being an architect am inclined to draw structures of all kind.My senior artist friends alway remind me to see objects as forms and shapes,which i try to,still my love for houses is evident in my number of houses.These are two houses drawn recently at a place called revdanda.


Gallery Kuma said...


Gallery Kuma said...

oops goofed the earlier comment please delete it. all of the above paintings are good. I like particularly the last one with hut & the first one university reloaded. what do you do with all of your works ?

sanjeev joshi said...

Hi kuma, It is an FAQ to me.The answer is nothing in perticular.i frame some for personal use.Sometimes i present them.If some one likes my painting, i gift them merrily!I cut them to make informal notes....I have many in store,but still some place left.